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Blog Title: What is a instant hot water heater

Main Que: What are instant hot water heaters?

  • Category: Q And A On Water Heating Systems
  • Query By: EMMA SALAZAR (Detroit, MI)
  • Date: 02/25/2013

Answer: Instant hot water heaters, also known as tankless water heaters are usually the size of a suitcase. They heat water on demand, whenever needed, using an electric coil or natural gas. The water passes through the heat exchanger inside and gets heated using the heating apparatus. Hence, as a result, they eliminate the risk of tank failure and also cut down on energy lost which would happen due to reheating of the water, as done in storage-tank hot water heaters. What's more, they're expensive to buy and install, and include limitations on hot-water flow rates, a possible issue in large households. And cooler incoming water in winter typically means your hot water may not be as hot as you like.

  • Replied By: CLIFFORD BURTON (Carrollton, TX)
  • Replied Date: 03/07/2013